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Construction of a Tempest is quite straightforward.The starting point is the selection of a donor vehicle.

The choice is either a Reliant Fox or a Reliant Kitten.

The ideal donor is the Fox. It is the ideal choice for a number of reasons:

1. The vehicle was produced with a galvanised chassis and it is therefore almost certainly going to be in excellent condition.

2. The back axles ratio was 4:1 which enables larger diameter wheels to be used.

3. The steering column and pedals require little modification.
An alternative to the Fox is the Kitten these are much easier to find but you need to be careful to check the condition of the chassis, they are prone to rust on the top surface where to body sits on them.
They can be repaired, but it's not ideal.

The back axle ratio was 3.2 :1. It will be too high to run anything other than 12" wheels.

A replacement diff is available from us (5:1), but the additional costs are better spent on a fox!