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Built on a Reliant chassis, the Tempest, was originally designed by John Box and Ian Foster, in the early eighties.

It was originally conceived as a, lightweight classic style roadster using new components based on a Reliant fox (link to fox page).

The basis of the car was a 100% new galvanised steel chassis fitted with the Reliant 848cc o.h.v. Engine, four-speed gearbox, double wishbone front suspension, semi elliptical leaf spring and live axle rear suspension. Reliant also supplied every other mechanical item plus instruments and heater.

The original cars were supplied 85% finished with every component included to finish the car.

Some 24 cars were built
in this fashion, and then Reliant went into receivership and the supply of components dried up.

A few Kitten conversions were sold, but other interests saw the Tempest cease production

A popular use of the Tempest
was in 750 motor club trials events where they were very successful

Despite being out of production for almost 10 years, examples are still regularly competing - and winning in trails hill climbing events. An active owners club exists.

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